Welcome to Our Nursery

Broadmere Primary School is proud to include the Broadmere Nursery within the organisation.

We have a group for two year old called Little Gems and our nursery is for three and four year old which is Ruby Class.  In our nursery groups we strive to enrich young children’s lives with our values based education, our focus on language development, creativity and problem solving in order to be prepared for a life long journey of learning.

We embrace every child's individual needs and our diversity makes us unique. All our children benefit from exceptional, specially trained teachers and supportive experienced early years staff.

Our well qualified and dedicated staff work hard to establish good relationships with the children, their families and the wider community.

Daily learning is planned according to specific topics, the children’s interests and having a lot of fun.

‘The Early years is well managed and teachers are confident and enthusiastic’ Ofsted May 2017

‘Children get off to a good start in the early years’ Ofsted May 2017


EYFS Services offered at Broadmere

2 – 3 year old Little Gems offering FEET spaces as well as paid spaces

3 – 4 year old Ruby class offering FEET, paid and 30 hours extended services.

2 and a half day provision or 5 full days 8:45am - 2:45pm with a packed lunch

Broadmere Nursery offer term time spaces only (38 weeks of the year). 

Please note that children attending the Nursery at New Monument will not automatically secure a reception place at the school in the year that they turn aged 5; there is a separate admissions process to join Reception and no preferential treatment can be given to those attending the Nursery. Parents of children attending the Nursery need to follow the Primary School Admissions Process, which is run by Surrey County Council (please see the Admissions section of the school website). Reception places will be offered based on the admissions criteria.

Applications for January Intake

Admission forms to be completed and on file by 18 October 2021

Please see below for useful links

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