Keep calm

Children will be most affected by how people around them are reacting. Try to keep an atmosphere of calm at home. Keep up to date with important news, but make sure that talk about the coronavirus does not overtake all conversations. It might be a good idea to include some time for relaxation every day. There are lots of apps and YouTube channels that offer guided relaxation activities. You could try: Headspace app, Calm app, cosmic kid’s yoga. Make time for other calming activities that children enjoy: Drawing, listening to music, painting, sand play, colouring, writing stories and reading.
Keep informed

If your child/ren would like information about coronavirus make sure it is coming from factual, age appropriate resources. Some children may be old enough to watch Newsround or there are some online resources that have been written for children such as: Comic book for children: 
Stay Active

Getting outside, running around, gardening or just a good walk can really help with mental well being. there are lots of physical activities on our curriculum page. 
Happy Place

Encourage your child to draw or write a description of a happy place to look at/read about whenever he/she feels anxious. Your child should think about how the place makes them feel and what they can see, hear, smell and touch in their happy place.
Child line has supportive resources too.