Everyone at this school, whether teachers, support staff or Governors, is committed to provide a happy, safe and hard-working atmosphere, in which children are challenged to extend their learning to the full. We have a long tradition of providing high quality access for up to twelve deaf children to an inclusive education within their hearing peer group. We value all children as individuals, and encourage them to develop into independent, resourceful and caring citizens.

Close co-operation between home and school is crucial to each child’s success. We encourage you to participate in this partnership with us, as set out in the Home - School Agreement. You have been your child’s first educator and we value your experience and knowledge.


Year Group Class Teacher Support Staff

Little Gems

Miss E. Worsfold

Mrs A Allard



Miss R. Zaheed
Mrs R. Joy

Mrs C Riley

Mrs S Trimizi

Reception Sapphire

Mrs C. Wilkinson

Mrs N. Kayani

Mrs M Henderson
Year 1  Amber  Mrs C. Day
Mrs B. Grimmond
Year 1
Coral Miss A. Van Der Heijden Mrs A. Bashir
Year 2  Jade Mrs T. Lipsky 
Mrs S. Hind
Year 2   Onyx Miss S Khan

Mr A de Laune

Miss A Rashid

Year 3

Miss S. Foy

Mrs S. Sawyer
Year 3 Quartz

Miss V. Oliver

Mrs S Kennedy
Year 4  Topaz

Mr S Blofield

Ms L  Neumann
Year 5 Aquamarine


Mrs H. Wellman 


Mrs M McLaren
Year 6
Diamond Mr K. Neumann

Mrs N Hall

Ms C Edgecock

Additional Teaching Staff  
Mrs C. Hibbs
Mrs S Mathews
Mrs N True


Primary Principal
Mrs J. Hall

Deputy Primary Principal
Mrs M. Moodaley 

Academy Business Manager
Mr J. Kite

Inclusion and Pastoral Leader (SENCo)

Mrs M . Moodaley

Home School Link Worker (HSLW)

Mrs L. Mehmood 

Early Years Phase Leader
Mrs E. Vosloo

Phase Leader Year 1 & 2 

Phase Leader Year 3, 4, 5 & 6
Miss S Foy

Teaching Assistant Mentors

Mrs S. Kennedy
Mrs B. Grimmond

Administration Team
Ms D. Black

Mrs A. Peters
Mrs K. Roberts
Mrs N. Mouton-Brian
Mrs T. Worsfold

IT Technician
Mr S. Green

Site Manager
Mr A. Senatore