Sports Premium

Sports Premium Report Broadmere


At Broadmere & New Monument Multi Academy Trust we believe that Physical Education and sport play vital roles in the physical, social, emotional and academic development of children, providing pupils with the tools they need to make a positive impact on their own health and well-being.

At Broadmere we aim to use the Physical Education curriculum to build on the pupils’ strengths and to introduce them to new and exciting sporting opportunities.

The new primary ‘sport premium’ funding for primary schools is a government initiative that has been designed to help schools to develop PE and sports in a variety of ways

We have allocated our Sports Premium funding to initiatives that aim to progress towards:

  • Increased opportunities to take part in competitive sport.
  • Improved quality of teaching and learning in Physical Education.
  • Developing leadership capabilities in young people
  • Improved opportunities for physical development during play and lunch time.


Financial Year

Sport Premium Grant

Grant Used For

Type of Expenditure



Coach for P.E

All Years

Professional Fees for Inter School Competitions

External Companies

Additional equipment to provide a wider range of sports to be taught e.g. golf

All Years


Expected £8940

This will enable Broadmere to continue to access a top quality Coach for PE and continue to provide a range of clubs and interschool sporting fixtures.


All years

 Impact for 2015-16

  • Teams from Years 3 to 6 participated in interschool competitions and the children are gaining confidence in matches.
  • Provided provision of afterschool clubs for years 1 – 6 (which include:  Multi-sports, Football, Netball, Tag Rugby, Athletics, Dance, Cross Country & Rounders)
  • Provision of lunchtime clubs (which include: Football, Cricket, Rounders) which has allowed children who are unable to attend afterschool clubs to participate in additional sports.
Impact for 2016-17
  • There is a waiting list for all sports clubs, although all children have an opportunity to participate at least once a year.
  • More teams are being entered in to inter school and inter MAT competitions and matches. The Coach has noted that our position within tournaments is rising.
  • Provision of lunchtime clubs (which include: Football, Cricket, Rounders) continues to allow children who are unable to attend after school clubs to participate in additional sports.