We aim to develop scientific skills as well as understanding. Practical investigations are central to scientific activity in our school and we try to emphasise the importance of providing pupils with opportunities to test and develop their ideas. The children are also supported to develop the skills of working scientifically such as:

  • Predicting
  • Questioning
  • Observing
  • Experimenting
  • Analysing 
  • Reviewing 
  • Comparing 

All science units begin with the teacher eliciting the pupils’ knowledge and ideas on the unit. We use the children’s ideas as the starting point to our unit.

When teaching lessons, teachers also try to effectively plan units of work that make links between different areas and subjects, especially between the Mathematics, English, History and Geography.

We activity take part in British Science Week each year. Throughout this week, all children have the opportunity to explore a range of scientific concepts through exciting investigations and experiments. 

By teaching science regularly, we have nurtured the children’s natural curiosity of the world around them by exploring how things work, why things work and why science matters within the world.

To help ensure we cover the full requirements of the National Curriculum, we use from Engaging Science. This provides us with a basis for our teaching as well as assessment tools to help us identify the progress our children are making.