At Broadmere Primary School we believe that music provides an essential and powerful form of communication and expression. We encourage the pupils' enjoyment of music through active involvement in listening carefully, counting the pulse i.e. rhythms, composing and performing. The children are exposed to musical influences from all over the world, the origins of music, linking with history, including a wide range of styles and genres, from classical to pop, heavy metal to rock, reggae to rap and hip hop, rhythm and blues and singing. We also focus on the poetry of lyrics and ballads, when we have the opportunity to listen to the words.

Musical skills learnt are put into practice through lots of opportunities to play instruments and perform for others. Music is for everyone and is an important part of our curriculum.



 As well as a range of musical instruments for children to play, we have access to Charanga. This is a scheme of work which ensures we are provided the full National Curriculum requirements and enabling children to make good progress. 


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