Broadmere PTFA

P.T.F.A (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association)


Hello, we would just like to introduce ourselves to you all.  We are Jackie Davis, Sabrena Hobden, Holly Morgan, Cheryl Leggett and Farida Iqbal - we are the new PTFA here at Broadmere.

We hope you will all get behind this new initiative and support us so that together we can start to raise funds that could be used for the benefit of all of our children.

When a new PTFA starts up there is a slow and long process of trying to raise an initial kitty of money to then be able to donate things to the children.  At the moment, as we hold an event like the 2 cake sales, the money raised will fund our next event and so on until gradually we will divide the profits into 2 accounts - 1 to save for a specific item and 1 to be able to put on more events.  We have had some great ideas and already we have begun to plan a Mothers Day Sale and a Summer Fair… but we will need support and ideas from the parents, the children and the teachers.

PTFA calendar:

Upcoming events to be posted soon.


This is where you as the parents might be able to help us as we are looking for donations from any parents or relatives that work in high street shops and local businesses.  We desperately need these donations (chocolates, wine, gift vouchers, toys etc) that we can use as raffle prizes and tombola prizes at some of our upcoming events.  Retailers are more likely to make a donation if it is for the benefit of one of their staff members - we will, of course, advertise where the prizes have come from at the event.   We will print a leaflet with the names of companies that have made donations for large events, eg the Summer Fair.  If you work for a High Street bank or company that offers a match funding programme could you please investigate ways of supporting our PTFA in this way.

If you own a small business such as Avon, Body Shop, jewellery etc, we invite you to have a stall at the Summer Fair, giving you the chance to make some money for yourself along with raising a small amount for the PTFA.  If anyone would be interested in this idea please drop us an email on:

We would also be very grateful for donations of all sorts so if people have any new items that they do not want or need we can use these at different events too.